Starseed mission

by | Apr 19, 2021

April 19th 2021

Many Starseeds are re- living previous experiences now, and it all becomes very real when we see what is playing out on the worldstage, both when it comes to what is shared through social media and mainstream media. Some days it seems like history is repeating itself, and this can be very hard. Thus, battle scars runs deep within us, and this is not something we can heal overnight. 

The movie Avatar comes to mind. A lot of what happened in that movie is similar to what happens now. Hereby, previous spiritual warfares makes it difficult to “sit in isolation and watch”. Remember that by doing your work and connecting you are helping humanity. The past is ingrained in our DNA. Even though it all happens in the quantum, which is usually quite fast, it takes time to release this energy. There is a reason why we have “a long life” on this planet. 

We came to this earth in this lifetime because we have the knowledge of how to solve this. We know what to do, we know how to connect to the Creator. We did separate ourself, yes, but we know how to find back to this connection. If we choose to find this connection, we will restore the imbalances on this planet. It will take courage and bravery, but we will do it by re-claiming our Divine Christed Blueprint. 

We are in this together, Starseeds. 


Lene Christine