Spiritual revelation

by | Apr 20, 2021

April 20th 2021

Let’s rewind. 

Let’s go back to start again: You were born on planet earth.

You went through your life feeling awkward, lonely and different not understanding why you were here.

Then one day you find yourself in a moment of truth: you awaken to your spiritual self. Your big “awakening” happens. 

You go through your “awakening” and you see everyting now. The world looks different, you realize you have been fooled and used as a human being. You feel like a slave to society. 

You find spiritual friends who can confirm everything you feel. Finally, you are not alone anymore. You are officially awake and better than the rest of humanity who are “still in 3D”.

Now you are on your way to 5D because there, everything must be better.. right?

Then suddenly one day, everything shifts. You stop.

You drop all your “spiritual knowledge”.

You give it to God, cause you know deep down inside that only him (her) can help you. 

You realize you have been fooled by the spiritual community. 

If there are programs in the “3D matrix”, of course there are programs in “the spiritual community” too. You realize you have been stupid for thinking otherwise. 

It all clicks. 

It’s your moment, officially the biggest reality check of your life.

It’s your true awakening, the organic one.

You need to be on earth for your mission, you need not go to “5D”. You were sent by God, the one and only Prime Creator (not a manmade God) to activate the original codings within yourself. You realize you have been used and you feel like a slave to the spiritual matrix. 

The truth is that it’s exacly what you have been. You start to look for more answers, they are nowhere to be found, everyone keeps talking about love and light. 

You feel hopeless. You feel used. You feel enslaved. 

You surrender once again, only to discover that the greatest power is within. 

The answers are within because God speaks through you, not around you. He always did, but you were not listening. You were only listening to “spiritual teachers, Guru’s or angels” to receive your updates. You don’t need updates from other than Source himself (herself/itself). 

Source speaks through you as he (she) speaks through nature. God smiles at you and says: “Welcome home”. Earth is our home in this lifetime.

Much love,

Lene C