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  • Are you looking for extra support in your ascension?
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  • Are you ready to heal yourself?
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Events March 2021

03/03 Portal Activation

Guided Journey & Energy Activation
– In this session we will do a guided meditation to heal, clear our energy.
– Time: 8 pm norwegian time.
– Duration: 1 hour.

11/03: Sharing Circle, Coffee Chat + Q & A

– In this session Lene Christine will open the room for everyone to share. The intention for this session is to get to know each other. Those who want can share about their healing journeys or spiritual experiences, or whatever they feel called to share. You do not have to share anything, you can simply come to listen. Lene Christine will also share more about her own healing journey and how healing happens.
– Time: 7 pm norwegian time.
– Duration: 1- 1,5 hours.

17/03 The Self- love Webinar
– Channeled angel message: What is self- love and why is it important?
– Guided meditation with the Angelic realm for opening up to receive love.
– Time: 7 pm norwegian time.
– Duration: 1,5- 2 hours.

23/03 Light Language Workshop
– Channeled message about light language.
– What is light language and why do we speak light language?
– Light Language activation: Higher realms and galactic beings will assist you to active your own light language by giving your lightcodes and energy upgrades.
– Time: 8 pm norwegian time.
– Duration: 1 hour.



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Join a community of like- minded people and receive exclusive messages every month from the higher realms. They will provide channeled healing sessions and various videos to help you in your daily life. Lene Christine will show the tools that she uses on a daily basis and answer all your questions.

The intention is to create a space where healing can happen in a fun and magical way. Additionally, there will be Q & A sessions where you can ask specific questions, and you can request video topics. You will on occasions have early access to Youtube videos. If you are ready for change, sign up and learn how to shift your energy so you can live the life of your dreams.

Meet your Mentor

Lene Christine is a healer, channel, mentor and group facilitator. Using the combination of quantum healing and ancient wisdom, Lene Christine helps to bridge spirituality and your daily life. She aim to assist you to take your power back so you can heal yourself, heal others and heal the world.

Working with the higher realms, including angels and ascended masters, Lene Christine takes you on powerful channeled healing sessions where you work with the guides to unlock your inner wisdom. The magical healing journeys are guided and divinely protected to assist you to awaken to your divine potential. The intention is to help you become an empowered empath and live your life following your hearts desires.

Are you ready to experience transformation? Well, now you can do that from the comfort of your own home.


We created the Christ Consciousness Portal to help you take the next steps towards the life you want to live. In the LIVE sessions we laugh, we cry and everything in between. Life will become better when you understand the reason why you are on this earth and this is what we help you to remember. Join today and awaken more of your divine self.

That answered everything, my body has been vibrating the whole time. Every single thing you touched on is part of something I've been working on. It was spot on. You are a gift, people need to know about this. I just want to thank you, I´m so excited, Im so grateful. That was a 100 %. I'm overwhelmed with love, it was a beautiful experience.

Val, California, US.

Lene Christine's pure intentions and light come across in every session. The energies she channels to connect to your inner wisdom are truly divine and activate healing on many levels.
Karin, Namibia.

The teachings, clearings, healings, and activations by Christine and the Higher Realms throughout this course were absolutely amazing. If you are ready to take back your power and awaken to your fullest potential then I would highly recommend this course. It was the greatest spiritual experience I've had.

Daniel, Phoenix, US.