Lightwarrior 1.0

by | Apr 18, 2021

April 18th 2021

I thought I was awake, but I was not. 2021 has been my awakening!

I have to start over because I was going in the wrong direction. 

So changed the name here on Instagram, deleted old posts and I’m now ready to step up as a lightwarrior, not a lightpleaser. 

I’m going to be sharing posts the next couple of weeks that will surprise many, but this is what I signed up to do. 

This has been an important step for me; to choose to walk the path of Eternal Life with Source Consciousness.

The days of “love & light” for me are over. In essence, I realized how talking about love & light is not actually helping anyone, rather it directs the focus away from what’s going on in the world. 

I’ve been through a process of detachment the last months. Not just detaching from a relationship or anything other human- like, but a detachment on a Soul- level from entities that was not serving the truth narrative.

Flower of Eternal Life

It was beings that were trying to trap my Soul. Just to clarify; this was not just “one bad experience” I had. This is not me just “having a bad week” or something. The process of detaching from entities and false light has not been fun nor exciting, but very necessary. When I say “false light” I don’t just mean “a few negative entities”, I mean pretty much “everything I knew about spirituality”. In other words, the spiritual matrix.

I know that for many this is hard to hear, so hard that they chose to turn off the noise. I do expect people to drop off from my pages. People will not like it because the truth is too painful. Many will also drop off because the “do not judge- program” runs so deep in their DNA. Maybe not everyone is ready for this yet? I’m not sure, but I do know one thing; we all have to do what feels right to us.

I will talk more about this over the next couple of weeks. I have already received many questions from people in a similar situation. 


Lene Christine