Earth is your home

by | Apr 21, 2021

April 21th 2021

Earth is your home, earth is their home and earth is our home. We came to reclaim and restore the grids of Tara. She (he) was once paradise. Let history take you back to the garden of eve where they had the same choice. To choose to align with Source or to choose not to. It’s like when someone reaches their hands towards you, you can take either the right hand, or the left hand. Your free will choice either align you with Source or not. 

“Spiritual enlightenment” is a trap that keeps many truth seekers away from actually finding truth. It is confusing to the mind which has its limitations, and it leads to focusing on ascending away from humanity when the truth is that we need to be here on earth. Basically, demons are tempting human beings to become “spiritually enlightened”. This is a lie. You are not here “to be enlightened”, you are here to align to earth’s crystalline grid. This has nothing to do with enlightenment. In fact, it is the exact opposite. We are not meant to be anywhere else than on earth and “a high vibration” is simply not gonna cut it. In essence, aligning to your original template is all you need. Thus, it is not a competition of who can go first to 5D, it’s not about separating yourself from humanity. It’s about giving everyone the option to remember true source alignment.

I started to share my spiritual journey in 2019, and one thing I’m always working towards is to become more honest. I have of course not always been 100%  transparent, it’s been scary sometimes. I have wanted to cover it all up with unicorns and fairy dust.. Hehe! It looks good, but that’s about it.

Personally, I am not there. I am absolutely not a full embodiment of my avatar self (are anyone?), but this is what I work on. I do not try to align to 5D because it will keep me stuck in the karmic loop. I have so much more to learn about this, I’m in the beginning of my awakening, but my inner child is quite excited for this transition. My inner child is dancing as I write these words. 

Moreover, you are here to light up from within. Can you see the difference? You are not going anywhere to find anything that can “light you up”. You do not need to raise your vibration and be high vibe all the time. It’s all a trapping system that causes suffering and reversals. More so, it keeps you away from opening your eyes and using your thoughts to discover truth. Truth is in you, and when you align to the Holy Spirit or God, it will all be revealed. 

You can be out in nature and connect to the elements and listen when they speak. Source speaks through nature as he (she) speaks through you because you are both here to come into harmonic alignment to restore organic creation. Hereby, you mirror your reflection of earth to the rest of humanity as an invitation to rebalance the field. Remember; you are here to serve God, to be of service to humanity and by restoring your field, you create the new earth. 

And so be it.


Lene Christine