Discover your Divine Self 

The School of Christ Consciousness 2021

Are you ready to shift your life?

Next Course: February 1st 2021
Mindfulness meditation

Remember your divinity 


  • Are you ready to release fear programs from your body?
  • Do you want to raise your frequency?
  • Are you ready to bridge the gap between where you are now to living a life in alignment with your spirit?
  • Do you feel the inner call?
  • Are you ready to heal yourself?
  • Are you ready to heal others?
  • Are you ready to heal the world?
  • Are you ready to let your spirit guide you?
  • Are you ready to step into your mission?


The Discover Your Divine Self Course

We will work together for 4 weeks, and here is what you will get:


2 hours LIVE class every week


30 min. bonus class every week


Angelic frequency activations


Channeled healing sessions


Healing course certificate


Meet like-minded people who understand you


Releasing of emotions and limited beliefs that is holding you back

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Spiritual awakening online

Learn how to:

Heal yourself

Connect to your higher self

Communicate with your spirit guides

Take your power back

Heal the earth

Listen to your own body

Work with your intuition


Healing Course

Welcome to this live course starting February 1st, 2021. You will experience divine healing from the heavenly realms and the angelic healing frequency. Lene Christine will channel this course with guidance from higher realms to give the group what is needed for them at this time. In addition, the newest lightcodes will come through in every session to help you heal on an individual level. Your body will receive these energies to heal where you need as guided by your higher self.

In this course, the Angelic realm and other lightbeings will work with you to help you to integrate the highest and purest light. Additionally, you will learn how to heal yourself and other people. You will have these powerful healing frequencies with you for the rest of your life. We will work together live for 2 hours every Monday. You will also receive bonus videos every week to watch on your own time. The course plan can vary.

Additional information:

The Discover Your Divine Self Course:

Total course hours: 12.

The energies will start to work with you from the day you sign up for the course. Many people experience changes from the first day because when you sign up you say to the Universe that you are ready for change.

Week 1

Monday, February 1st: LIVE zoom call (2 hours)

  • Introduction to your Divine Self.
  • What is healing?
  • Channeled healing session and meditation with the angelic realm and ascended masters.
  • What are emotions?
  • Clearing fear and limitations.
  • Intention setting.

Bonus video:

  • Channeled healing and energy activation (self- study).

Week 2

Monday, February 8th: LIVE zoom call (2 hours).

    • Heart chakra activation
    • What is Christ consciousness?
    • Channeled Christ consciousness healing session.
    • Throat chakra activation.
    • Healing ancestral lines and past lives.
    • Working with your Higher self and God.

Bonus video:

  • How to heal yourself (self- study).

Week 3

Monday February 15th: LIVE zoom call (2 hours).

  • Channeled healing session.
  • Chrown chakra activation.
  • How to empower yourself.
  • How to heal other people.
  • Abundance & money mindset
  • Clearing negative emotions.
  • How can we become more emotionally intelligent?
  • Masculine & Feminine energy

Bonus video:

  • Bring the Angels into your daily life (self- study).

Week 4

Monday February 22nd: LIVE zoom call (2 hours).

  • Angelic frequency activation.
  • Self love & confidence.
  • The art of receiving love.
  • Work with your intuition and understand your body.
  • Angelic celebrations & healing.
  • Your unique mission and path.
  • Moving from 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension
  • Bonus video:
    Angelic prayer channeled by Lene Christine.


Christ consciousness online learning

As you know, we have come to earth at this time to bring heaven down to earth. Healing means “to become whole” because we remember more of our soul aspects; we were always whole and everything else was just an illusion. Therefore, if you found your way to this page; you are not trying to become a healer, you already are a healer at your core. We assist you to heal to release everything that is in the way of you doing your mission on earth. Essentially, we open you up to our divine self and give space to your higher self in the body. The course is for everyone; those who have just awakened and those who have been on the path for a long time. The energies will adapt to your body and meet you were you are at. It will be an intense healing journey over 4 weeks where you will be supported by like-minded people, angels, your guides, God and Lene Christine. We intend to create a safe space for healing where you will be protected in divine light.

Those who are ready will feel the call. Lene Christine discovered how her life shifted in magical ways when she started to work with these energies, and she wants you to experience the same. The energies starts to work with you from the moment you decide to join the course.

Energy Exchange

4 weeks of intense healing to release fear and anchor in more light. Energy exchange: 4444 NOK (ca. 513 USD). 1 single payment of 4444 NOK or 2 payments of 2222 NOK. You will receive a healing certification after the course. The course plan can vary. 

Those who feel the call to sign up will be there. 


That answered everything, my body has been vibrating the whole time. Every single thing you touched on is part of something I've been working on. It was spot on. You are a gift, people need to know about this. I just want to thank you, I´m so excited, Im so grateful. That was a 100 %. I'm overwhelmed with love, it was a beautiful experience.

Val, California, US.

Lene Christine's pure intentions and light come across in every session. The energies she channels to connect to your inner wisdom are truly divine and activate healing on many levels.
Karin, Namibia.

The teachings, clearings, healings, and activations by Christine and the Higher Realms throughout this course were absolutely amazing. If you are ready to take back your power and awaken to your fullest potential then I would highly recommend this course. It was the greatest spiritual experience I've had.

Daniel, Phoenix, US.