Lene Christine is an ascension guide who help people connect to their own spirit and activate their original blueprint. In 2021 she made the decision to walk only with God and she left spiritual channeling. She shares her passion for walking with God, organic spiritual inscension and true christ consciousness on various social media platforms.

Lene Christine grew up in a small village in Norway, and spent her childhood gazing up to the stars not understanding why she was on earth. As a child she was extremely anxious, nervous and afraid, and always felt other peoples emotions. Early on she had many encounters with spirits which was always trying to communicate with her. This led to turning off her abilities and creating a wall between her and the spirit realm.

Lene Christine Karlsen

Lene Christine awakened in 2011, but spent years not following her heart which led to a lot of pain and suffering. Throughout her whole life, she oftentimes felt very lonely and unlike everyone else, and was scared to show her real self. She went through years of confusion, and found herself in abusive and manipulative relationships. She spent hours doing meditation, yoga, healing and energy work.

She is a former reiki master and has been certified in many healing- and self- help modalities over the past decade. She has chosen to walk away from all of this because she realised that it was not in alignment with God and the mission she was here to fulfil. It was hard for Christine to accept this at first, but this process of awakening to who God is has been a necessary part of her awakening journey.

The turning point

In early 2021, God told Christine that she was not going to do spiritual channeling for a long time. In the moment she received the message, she did not understand that it would all shift so quickly. A few weeks later, Christine understood how she had been trapped in the spiritual matrix with false light, distortions and reversed templates. She quit spiritual channeling because it was all leading her away from eternal life. After she chose to cut herself off from all other beings and align 100% to God, she understood how she had been bypassing on many levels. She had been bypassing her own spiritual growth and also overlooking what is really going on in the world. She is currently working on restoring her relationship with God, embody her original energy codes and activate her 12- strand DNA.

Lene Christine has dedicated her life to this work and walk the path serving God first. This has been the main lesson she learned (and is still learning) this year, and she intend to help others do the same. She is currently based in Norway.

I do believe that if you found this page, God sent you here. I know what it feels like to be lost, not only in the spiritual game, but also in a society full of distortions and programming. I intend to help you find back to God.

Much love,
Lene Christine