Lene Christine Karlsen

is an energy healer and content creator who helps people connect to their own spirit and activate their original blueprint. She is at a place in her journey where she has chosen to walk with God only. She shares her passion for organic spiritual ascension and true christ consciousness on various social media platforms.

Lene Christine Karlsen grew up in a small village in Norway, and spent her childhood gazing up to the stars not understanding why she was on earth. As a child she was extremely anxious, nervous and afraid, and always felt other peoples emotions. Early on she had many encounters with spirits which was always trying to communicate with her. This led to turning off her abilities and creating a wall between her and the spirit realm.

Lene Christine Karlsen

Lene Christine Karlsen awakened in 2011, but spent years not following her heart which led to a lot of pain and suffering. She went through years of confusion, and again found herself in abusive and manipulative relationships. She spent hours meditating, doing yoga, walking in nature, healing herself and doing shadow work on her own.

She is a former Reiki Master and have been initiated and certified into many healing- and self- development modalities over the past 10 years. She understood early that she needed to spend a lot of time by herself to deepen the connection with spirit.

 She experienced the negative emotions that she suppressed from this life, past lives and ancestral lines; insecurity, stress, nervousness, worry, anxiousness, despair, sadness, resentment, rage, grief, anger, jealousy, resistance, sorrow, depression, regret, guilt, shame, blame and fear. Throughout her whole life, she oftentimes felt very lonely and unlike everyone else, and was scared to show her real self.

The turning point

In 2020 Christine found herself on a mountain top screaming her way through the glass wall called illusion. Then she spent hours doing the inner work and surrendering to God. Later she understood how she was trapped in a spiritual matrix with false light, distorions and reversals. She activated her originale blueprint to find Christ within. She intend to help others do the same. Lene Christine has dedicated her life to this work and now walk the path serving Eternal Life Source Consciousness (God). She is currently based in Tromsø, Norway, but is in transition.

If you have found this page your were guided by Source. I know what it is like to be stuck in, not only a spiritual matrix, but also a society full of distortions and programming. I can help you get out. 

Lene Christine Karlsen