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Discover your Divine Self

School of Christ Consciousness


Below you will find our services:

Christ consciousness online learning

The Healing Course

Open yourself up to the healing energies that is already flowing through you by joining the monthly LIVE course. Here you will experience one month of intense healing of body, mind and spirit. Discover your divine self by healing past lives and clearing ancestral lines. 

Lene Christine guides the group through various sessions teaching everything she knows to help you unlock your healing gifts, access your full potential and aligning you to your Soul mission. 

Spiritual awakening online

The Christ Consciousness Portal

Do you need support through your ascension? This membership will help you through difficult emotions, shadow work, embodiment work and understanding what is happening in the collective energy field.

Join the membership to receive monthly healing sessions including energy updates, energy clearings and exercises to assist your spiritual growth. Meet new people who is on the same journey as you. Launching February 2021

Listen to the Podcast

In this podcast, Lene Christine talks about spirituality, angels, higher dimensional beings, ascended masters, and ascension. Essentially, how everyone can access higher states of consciousness.

You can listen to the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other major platforms.

Spiritual podcast
Channeled Healing Session

The Channeled Reading & Healing Experience

One to one sessions are offered on a weekly basis where higher realms works through Lene Christine to clear your energy, upgrade your frequency and align you to your path.

How does it work?
In sessions Lene Christine put herself into a trance state, give messages and energy activations from higher realms. Healing energies are being sent at the same time. The messages are from your team of light and her team of light. Essentially, they help you through your current situation.

What can I expect?
Many people say they feel a great sense of relief after a session, and that their energy feels lighter. This is because negative energies has been released which has created more space for higher frequencies to enter the body. You will always receive the healing and information you need.

Lene Christine Karlsen
Lene Christine Karlsen is a divine trance channel, energy healer and content creator who helps people open up to their gifts so they can be their authentic self and assist in the shift to new earth. In essence, the angelic realm, ascended masters and higher dimensional beings works through her to heal and unlock the ancient wisdom that is inside of you. She shares her passion for spiritual growth, higher states of consciousness, angels and christ consciousness on various social media platforms.

She had her first awakening in 2011, but spent years living in fear and not following her heart. In 2020 Christine had a last wake up call from her spirit guides and the angelic realm where she completely surrendered to her path without knowing where it would lead her. Essentially, many of her original gifts came back online, and are still being integrated till this day. She became certified deep trance channel. Additionally, she has been initiated and certified in many other healing- and self- development modalities over the past 10 years.

Her experiences lead her to realize how we can raise the consciousness  on earth if everyone uses their unique set of gifts, follows their dreams and trust in the divine plan. The School of Christ Consciousness was created in 2021 as part of Lene Christines Soul contract in this lifetime. Higher realms guide her on how to facilitate the healing courses and classes.

“My passion is to help you transform and align to your unique set of gifts”

Lene Christine