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Here you will find the upcoming webinars. Christine intend to do webinars later in 2021, make sure to be on the email list so you will get the latest updates.

1-1 Private Sessions

One to one sessions are offered on a weekly basis where higher realms works through Lene Christine to clear your energy, upgrade your frequency and align you to your path.

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Healing Course & Healing Portal

Christ consciousness online learning

The Healing Course

Open yourself up to the healing energies that is already flowing through you by joining the monthly LIVE course. Here you will experience one month of intense healing of body, mind and spirit. Discover your divine self by healing past lives and clearing ancestral lines. 

Lene Christine guides the group through various sessions teaching everything she knows to help you unlock your healing gifts, access your full potential and aligning you to your Soul mission. 

Spiritual awakening online

The Membership Portal

Do you need support through your ascension? This membership will help you through difficult emotions, shadow work, embodiment work and understanding what is happening in the collective energy field.

Join the membership to receive monthly healing sessions including energy updates, energy clearings and exercises to assist your spiritual growth. Meet new people who is on the same journey as you. Launching February 2021

Listen to the Podcast

In this podcast, Lene Christine talks about spirituality, angels, higher dimensional beings, ascended masters, and ascension. Essentially, how everyone can access higher states of consciousness.

You can listen to the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other major platforms.

Spiritual podcast
Channeled Healing Session

Private Session

One to one sessions are offered on a weekly basis where Lene Christine holds space for you, mirror you and helps you to align to your path.

How does it work?

In sessions you connect to Lene Christine via zoom. She connects to your higher self and meet you where you are in your journey.

What can I expect?

Many people say they feel a great sense of relief after a session, and that their energy feels lighter. If you have found your way to this page, you have been divinely guided here.

Lene Christine Karlsen

Lene Christine Karlsen is an energy healer and content creator who helps people connect to their own spirit and activate their original blueprint. She is at a place in her journey where she has chosen to walk with God only. She shares her passion for organic spiritual ascension and true christ consciousness on various social media platforms.

She had her first awakening in 2011, but spent 10 years living in fear and not following her heart. In 2020, Christine went down on her knees and surrendered to God asking him to show her the way. She devoted her life to her mission since that day. She also asked to see the truth, not understanding what that meant at that time. She then became initiated into channeling by the angelic realm. She experienced being hijaked and manipulated by many different “lightbeings” whom she thought was good. She learned how spritiuality has a lot of distorions and how most of it tried to lead us away from God. 

She is a former Reiki Master and have been initiated and certified into many healing- and self- development modalities over the years. She realized that, what she calls Eternal Life Source Consiousness, or God, is the only place which has absolutely no distorions, and that the spiritual community has been led in the wrong direction for a long time. There can be found many similarities in religion, politics, new age and the spiritual community. It was painful for Christine to understand this, but she could not continue to live with herself if she did not share this. She predicts that this is the true “shift in consiousness” we came to see, and that many that think they are “awakened” will be surpised, just like she was. 


Lene Christine